Five research projects receive IC grants

Five research projects by local and overseas scholars have received the 2018 Academic Research Grant from the Cultural Affairs Bureau (IC).

A panel of experts picked by the Institute for Social and Cultural Research of the Macau University of Science and Technology reviewed 41 applications this year. The five chosen projects were:

1 – “Twentieth Century Macau in an Age of War and Revolution: A multi-
archive Enumeration” by Geoffrey Charles Gunn: The project aims to study the city’s 100-year evolution in the era of war and revolution during the twentieth century, focusing on the lives of local people during the war, society at the beginning of the post-war period, and the political and economic changes until 1999.

2 – “Research on the Medical and Health Development and Urban Management in Modern Macau” by Wu Yuxian: The project starts by examining the modern medical and health sector of Macau, focusing on the reconstruction of urban space, the expansion of colonial power and the autonomy of the Chinese people in the context of Macau’s modern urban governance, thus revealing the process of the city’s modernization.

3 – “Research on the ‘Literary Society of Xueshe’ in Macao” by Tang Chon Chit: The project focuses on the “Literary Society of Xueshe”, which was Macau’s first literary group with local residents as members, and holds great symbolic significance for the study of Macau’s literature. The project introduces the group through an innovative analysis of historical facts, demonstrating Macau’s unique situation and the development of its local literature and culture.

4 – “Componentes Culturais Relevantes dos Principios Orientadores para a Tradução Jurídica Bilíngue de Macau” by Lu Chi Seng: This applied research project, which combines theory with practice, is a study of legal translation in Macau. Legal translation not only refers to the conversion of legal ideas from one language to another, but also the transformation of culture. No matter what type of translation, it should adopt the translation method of functional equivalence rather than word-to-word translation, and pay attention to heterogeneous isomorphism in different cultures.

5 – “Research on Disaster Prevention, Protection and Management in Historical and Cultural Districts in Macao” by Zhou Long: The project focuses on issues related to disaster prevention, protection and management in Macau’s historical and cultural districts, as well as exploring natural disasters and other problems threatening the city’s cultural heritage.

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