Food & Beverage | First temporary restaurant license issued

The Municipal Affairs Bureau (IAM) has issued its first temporary restaurant operation license after the new catering and restaurant license issuing administration regulation came into effect recently.

The license offers applicants an easier and faster document reviewing process, and applicants can obtain temporary permits in turn, allowing them to operate their restaurants as early as possible.

The new policies are said to properly balance the public interest while relieving pressure on applicants when starting a business.

The temporary license is valid for four months. The applicant can submit their application first and wait for approval. In the meantime, applicants will be asked to submit documents related to the restaurant’s facilities to receive a temporary license.

Specific documentation should include documents describing space requirements for public safety, public hygiene and for environmental protection.

In order to get a temporary license approved, the applicant must present documents signed by qualified individuals or entities to prove that their operating space meets fire service standards, among others.

The first four-month temporary license was issued on April 10.

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