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I believe we’d all agree that we have many top-notch restaurants in Macau, yet almost all of them are located inside hotel properties.
However, sometimes we just do not feel like paying an arm and a leg for a meal. The sad thing about this town is that we don’t have many decent mid-range dining venues, but recently, I discovered one right across from the FIT office building near Nam Van. It’s a small bistro named Seek Your Choice.
The chef at Seek Your Choice used to work with Franky Semblat from Robuchon au Dôme. Young, passionate, and talented, he decided to quit working inside the hotels and start his own business. Although the restaurant is very small, the quality of the food is truly top-notch.
My favorite dishes are homemade crab meat “cigar,” carpaccio of scallop with chorizo and citron dressing, and the orzo with shiitake mushroom.
At the bistro, the chef likes to add Asian elements to western dishes.
To be honest, who wouldn’t love to have a great meal that’s reasonably priced? We just wish that more talented and professional chefs would follow in the footsteps of the owner of Seek Your Choice and open their own restaurants. This is what creativity is all about and having more small decent restaurants means that the F&B scene in Macau will be more vibrant. That’s the way to go!

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