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In the world of sophisticated Chinese cuisine, the trend now is to eat healthy elements. For this reason, MGM Macau is presenting a scrumptious Yunnan mushroom feast to all gourmands at Grand Imperial Court, with seasonal fungi flown in fresh from Yunnan, China.
Wild mushrooms are rich in Vitamin B, Vitamin D and other rare minerals, and are known to strengthen the body’s immune system, and China is the world’s largest producer of edible mushrooms. Renowned as the “Kingdom of Biodiversity”, Yunnan is home to over 600 species of wild mushrooms with a climate that’s mild and pleasant. The complex terrain and advantageous weather conditions of Yunnan province provide an ideal environment to grow a variety of wild mushrooms of superb quality.
Personally, my favorite on Grand Imperial Court’s seasonal menu is the marinated Matsutake mushrooms with fresh cordycep flower in scallion oil. The taste of the scallion oil is subtle and does not overpower that of the mushroom. Cordycep flowers are rich in nutrients and blend well with Matsutake, offering a refreshing taste, perfect to enjoy during the summer.

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