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taste-of-edesia-jade-dragonChinese culinary masterpiece Jade Dragon at Crown Towers, City of Dreams Macau will present three exclusive nights of Family Li Cuisine between May 8 and 10. The successor of the legendary Family Li cuisine hailed from Beijing, Mr. Li Xiaolin, will come to Jade Dragon and prepare the Family Li menu that has inherited the essence of the imperial food served within the walls of the Forbidden City during the Qing Dynasty, offering Macau locals and tourists an opportunity to enjoy the exquisite Chinese imperial cuisine.
With splendid and sophisticated décor, Jade Dragon is the perfect venue to launch the reputed Family Li menu. Guests are able to enjoy more than 20 different dishes from the Family Li Imperial Cuisine restaurant in Beijing, which was founded by Chef Li Xiaolin’s father, Chef Li Shanlin.  Family Li Cuisine inherits the cooking materials, recipes and cooking methods of the imperial kitchen in Empress Dowager Cixi’s times (late Qing Dynasty) without any modern methods. One lunch and two dinner set menus are available at Jade Dragon from May 8-10, in which appetizers include Beijing smoked pork, sweet and sour pork rib and spicy beef; hot dishes include deep fried scallops in soya sauce, bird’s nest in clear soup, well stewed shark’s fins, and stir fired lobster fillets “Li’s Family” style, and the meal will be finished with milk yogurt, fried egg custard and sweetened bird’s nest soup with green beans and osmanthus, Empress Dowager Cixi’s much-loved dessert.
Chef Li Xiaolin’s great grandfather, Li Shunqing, was in charge of the Qing Dynasty’s imperial kitchensin the Forbidden City, and had passed down the imperial recipes to his offspring. Family Li cuisine is a combination of Imperial Court cuisine and Beijing traditional cuisine, with the ingredient selection and cooking methods based on Empress Dowager Cixi’s imperial menu. Family Li cuisine is usually in small portions, and each dish must be patiently cooked over a gentle fire. Under the helm of Li Xiaolin, the Family Li Imperial Cuisine restaurant has extended from Beijing to Shanghai, Tianjin, Taipei, Melbourne and Paris, receiving visits from a steady stream of politicians, socialites and celebrities from around the world.

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