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Renowned for its superb continental cuisines, Temptations has employed a European garden theme for its interior design. The gentle yet striking vine lighting installation in the center of the room gives an elegant touch to the restaurant. The birdcage-­shaped surrounding for the dining tables not only features a host of mouth-watering delicacies, but also provides a more intimate and relaxed atmosphere for the guests.
Recently, Chef Joe Chan has created several exquisite dishes to pair with wines from Chalk Hill Estate Vineyards and winery. Of all the items from the wine-pairing menu, the grilled rib eye is my personal favorite. To bring out the flavors of the meat, Chef Joe put a layer goose liver pate mousse on top of it.
“Normally, the pate is too rich and heavy. That’s why I made a mousse out of the pate. The fluffy and light texture makes you forget that you are eating something so dense,” he explains.
The Luna Shiraz 2012 from Chalk Hill is suggested to match with the dish. Deep purple in color, it presents notes of blackberry tart, blueberry compote, and dried mulberries with black pepper hints. Together with medium level tannins, it’s velvety and lively.
For those who cannot live without desserts, the combination of Chalk Hill Moscato 2013 with Chef Joe’s lychee and coconut gelatin with lemongrass mango sorbet is irresistible. Every time your put the sorbet and gelatin in your mouth, it is as if you have been flown to a tropical paradise, a wonderful way to escape from the reality of city life.

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