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Many of us don’t like the idea of dining in a buffet restaurant, because often we automatically think that the quality of dishes at these venues isn’t up to scratch. I personally had the same idea, but once I tried the buffet at JW Marriott Hotel Macau’s Urban Kitchen, I completely changed my mind.
Urban Kitchen is a modern and lively all-day dining outlet, which showcases a semi-buffet of international and regional flavors. The restaurant is divided into six different food zones each with a designated chef, including Seafood Bar, Macau, Portugal & Tuscany, Cantonese, Beijing & Sichuan, Japan & Korea, Desserts & Soft-serve Ice-cream, and Live Action Juice. Signature dishes include grilled Portuguese chorizo, roasted Peking duck, hand-pulled noodles, pizza and beefsteak à la minute.
Last week I was there, and they served M6 wagyu beef, medium rare and perfectly cooked. The restaurant also features an extensive selection of beverages. Guests experience the ultimate in tea culture thanks to Urban Kitchen’s wide tealeaf selection and in-house expert tea sommelier, who claims that he makes the best milk tea in Macau.

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