Forum celebrates Confucius’ birthday

The University of Macau (UM) is organizing a forum on Chinese history and culture to coincide with the 2,570th birthday of the ancient Chinese philosopher, Confucius. Officially launched yesterday, the celebration consists of several exhibitions about Chinese culture and a forum on Confucianism.
Jointly organized by the Centre for Chinese History and Culture and Confucius Institute of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities of the UM, the forum is expected to “allow students and staff to learn about Confucianism in Chinese traditional culture and its development in contemporary society.”
“This is to also enhance one’s self-confidence on national culture, and explore the path of Chinese culture’s revival and reconstruction,” according to information released by UM.
During an opening ceremony yesterday, the “Cultural Ambassador” of the UM Confucius Institute delivered a traditional dance performance.
Organized by the University Library of UM, an exhibition titled “Landscape Paintings of Zhang Zhimin and Exhibition of the Works of the Mao Hongwei, Zhang Qinzhi and Donggang” will be on exhibition at the UM library until September 30. About 80 works of Zhang Zhimin with his students are being exhibited.
A special exhibition of Suzhou’s Fine Arts and Crafts, organized by the Suzhou Overseas Friendship Association, is also being presented until September 23. JZ

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