Forum Macau | Echo Chan pledges to fulfill Li’s goals

Echo Chan

The Permanent Secretariat of the Forum for Economic and Trade Co- operation between China and Portuguese-speaking Countries (Forum Macau) organized a cocktail reception welcoming the Chinese New Year.

Approximately 200 people, including government representatives as well as representatives of the commercial, financial, and legal industries, among other sectors, attended yesterday’s event.

Lionel Leong, the Secretary for Economy and Finance, made a speech, stating that the MSAR government will continue to support Forum Macau in order to promote cooperation between Portuguese-speaking countries and China.

Leong informed that, also this year, Macau will focus on adding more aspects from Portuguese- speaking countries across the region and on organizing international exhibitions and trade related activities.

The secretary stated that this year will also mark the first time that products and services from lusophone countries are exhibited independently at exhibitions organized by the city.

Earlier, Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang visited Macau and announced several new measures.

Echo Chan, who has been re-appointed as coordinator of the Supporting Office of the Secretariat of Forum Macau, was also present at yesterday morning’s reception.

Chan said that she would prioritize the fulfillment of the goals which were announced by Li. Chan noted that she feels lucky and happy to contribute to Forum Macau, as she also thanked Leong, who, according to Chan, had been supporting her.

In Chan’s opinion, it is a great challenge for her to be working on the Secretariat “because it is a place of experts from China and Portuguese-speaking countries.”

According to Chan, the Secretariat will focus mainly on achieving the five goals that Li set for Macau, and on promoting the establishment of the aforementioned foundation headquarters, as well as in building three centers in Macau for different sectors to aid in collaboration between China and the Portuguese-Speaking countries.

Echo Chan left Forum Macau for personal reasons in October 2015, but returned as an adviser to the Secretary for Economy and Finance  before the Ministerial Conference of the Forum in October 2016.

Chan will replace Cristina Morais, who left her post after serving for one year following Chan’s departure in October 2015.

Before Chan’s initial appointment to Forum Macau in March 2015, she was a director at the Macau Institute for Promotion of Trade and Investment (IPIM).

Chan graduated with an economics degree from the University of Jinan, China, and has a master’s degree in business administration from the University of Macau. She also holds a diploma in Portuguese Language from the University of Coimbra in Portugal.

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