Free Covid jab for Macau residents with mainland residence card

Macau residents who reside in mainland China and hold the mainland residence card are eligible to get vaccinated against Covid-19 free-of-charge, the State Council has announced.
Previously, the injection was only made available to mainland residents.
Macau residents can apply for the mainland residence card under certain circumstances, such as having a job or by being covered under mainland general medical insurance.
Now with the residence permit, residents can consent to receiving the vaccination on the mainland without the need for payment. This arrangement is identical to that for mainland residents.
In addition, they may also get the jab free-
of-charge with proof of mainland general medical insurance cover.
As for Macau residents working or studying in schools in mainland China, regardless of the level of education, the inoculation scheme has been established in a manner similar to that for mainland teachers and students.
Other Macau residents, on the other hand, cannot avail themselves of the vaccination – either paid or unpaid – for the time being. The State Council added that should a paid vaccination scheme become available, other categories of Macau residents will be able to pay for and receive the jab. AL

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