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French vote splits among left, center and far-right. With no majority, political paralysis threatens

French voters divided their legislature among left, center and far right, with no single political faction getting even close to the majority needed for form a government. The risk of paralysis loomed yesterday for the European Union’s second-largest economy.

President Emmanuel Macron gambled that his decision to call snap elections would give France a “moment of clarification,” but the outcome showed the opposite, less than three weeks before the start of the Paris Olympics thrusts the country on the international stage. France›s main share index opened with a dip in response to the vote.

According to the second-round results tallied early yesterday, a leftist coalition surged to take the most seats in parliament. Macron’s centrists have the second-largest faction and the unpopular president will have to form alliances to run the government. Marine Le Pen’s far-right National Rally, which led in the first round of voting, came in third after political maneuvering to keep its candidates from power.

Prime Minister Gabriel Attal said he would present his resignation yesterday, but could stay on through the Olympics or longer if needed.

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