Gaming | Regulator meets with industry to caution against online casinos

Macau’s Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau (DICJ) met yesterday with representatives of junkets and the city’s six gaming operators where it stressed the need to adhere to local and foreign laws on gambling and the promotion of games of chance.

The meeting comes days after Chinese state media reported that junket promoter Suncity Group has been operating an online casino based overseas, but targeting mainland gamblers.

Suncity has staunchly denied the allegation, saying it neither owns any gambling tables nor operates any online gambling activities. The firm said its business operating in Macau and elsewhere are all licensed and conducted under the supervision of the concerned governments.

Nevertheless, DICJ Director Paulo Martins Chan reminded participants at the meeting that the local government does not allow the gaming sector to carry out any promotion of online gambling placing bets via telephone and other related activities through casinos located in the SAR.

Chan urged the casino concessionaires and sub- concessionaires to strictly supervise junket promoters in order to prevent the misuse of Macau’s casinos for the promotion of online games or proxy betting. He also appealed to the gaming operators to meet with their respective junket promoters, in order to remind them of the need for strict compliance with legal regulations.

The DICJ also stressed that any violation of the law by a junket promoter – even if such a violation takes place outside of Macau – could have implications for the suitability of the junket to operate in the SAR. DB

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