GEG awards contractors with best occupational safety, health performance

Galaxy Entertainment Group (GEG) Project Development recently organized the “Best Safety Award 2020” presentation ceremony to recognize the outstanding occupational safety and health (OSH) performance of the supervisors, contractors and subcontractors of its new development sites in Cotai.
Attended by representatives from GEG’s contractors and subcontractors, awards were presented to contractors with the best safety record, contractors with the best housekeeping enhancement, contractors with the best safety enhancement program, subcontractors with the best safety, and supervisors with outstanding OSH.
As cited in a statement issued by the gaming operator, Simon Kwok, Senior Vice President of Project Development of GEG, said “Ensuring the safety of all construction site personnel is an important mission for the team and a top priority for GEG’s development projects. We appreciate our stakeholders for their efforts and contributions, and hope that we can all continue to work together to establish a wholesome OSH culture.”

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