GEG volunteers distribute meals, emergency kits

In the aftermath of Typhoon Mangkhut, volunteers from Galaxy Entertainment Group (GEG) came together to distribute meals and Red Cross Family Kits to affected households.

The General Union of Neighbors’ Association of Macao (UGAMM)’s kitchen was heavily damaged by the typhoon and unable to prepare meals for several users of Peng On Tung Tele-assistance Services, as well as many elderly folks living alone and residents of low-lying areas.

The F&B department of GEG’s flagship properties prepared meal boxes which GEG volunteers and Peng On Tung Services staff delivered to households in need, together with Red Cross emergency kits. 

Buddy Lam, vice president of public relations at GEG, said, “Before the super typhoon arrived, we began coordinating with community organizations and we put out a call to our team members for volunteers to help after the storm.”

“The F&B team started at 6 a.m. on Monday to prepare meals, and the volunteers delivered the hot meals and Red Cross emergency kits to residents in need — people stranded without electricity, many of [whom] were the elderly,” he added.

GEG distributed the meal boxes twice a day for affected residents’ lunch and dinner. It gave out more than 1,000 meal boxes over two days.

The volunteers also handed out daily necessities, including 500 Red Cross Family Kits donated by GEG, to residents of São Lourenco and Patane.

“GEG is very proud of our team members and their passion in caring for the community, and we are glad to have seen different organizations and people giving a helping hand,” Lam added.

Lam Man Chi, from UGAMM, said, “I appreciate that GEG proactively approached us [ahead of] the arrival of Typhoon Mangkhut […] without GEG’s backup and its volunteers’ efforts and contributions in those neighborhoods, our service could not have continued under such conditions.”

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