George Chinnery artworks on Macau to be auctioned

Two rare, large landscape artworks by the British artist George Chinnery, who settled in Macau in 1825, will be displayed at Bonhams Hong Kong from October 21 to November 21.
The artworks will be offered for sale in London in February 2020, with an estimated value of around HKD520,000 to over HKD866,000 each.
The paintings provide a chance to compare the Macau of today with the way it looked in the second quarter of the 19th century.
“A view of Macau looking towards the gardens of the Casa, with figures in the foreground,” which costs at least HKD606,000, appears to be taken from a high point above the inner harbor looking towards the Casa Gardens.
The other artwork is titled “The Grotto of Camoes, Macau,” and shows the romantic visitor attraction that still overlooks the western point of the peninsula.
The British bought a plot of land within the grounds of the Casa from Pereira to create a Protestant burial ground. Chinnery himself is buried there, and a memorial to him still stands in the cemetery.

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