GGCT issues low-level travel alert to Luzon

The Tourism Crisis Management Office (GGCT) has issued a “Level 1 Travel Alert” for Luzon Island in the Philippines, including the country’s capital Manila, following the eruption of the Taal volcano.
The Philippine government raised its alert level to Level 4, indicating “an imminent hazardous eruption,” necessitating a total evacuation of nearly half a million people near the country’s capital.
In a statement, the bureau warned local residents who intend to travel to or are already in Luzon to be on alert and closely follow the development of the situation, which might affect their personal safety.
Although the GGCT has not received any request for information or assistance, it said it will to continue monitoring the latest developments.
The bureau also advises Macau residents to purchase comprehensive travel insurance before travelling, ensuring that they have coverage options for the Macau Travel Alert System and international emergency medical evacuation coverage.
A total of five flights to and from Manila and Macau were cancelled on Sunday, according to the Macau International Airport Co. Ltd, as all flights to and from Manila airport were temporarily put on hold.
Yesterday, the airport resumed partial operations, allowing travelers bound for Macau to depart. LV

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