Government | Two police force bills to enter legislature

The Security Secretariat has completed the amendment of two bills related to human resources in the city’s various security departments, according to the Office of the Secretary for Security.

In a reply written by the Director of the Office, Cheong Ioc Ieng, addressed to lawmaker Agnes Lam, it was revealed that the security authority has completed an amendment on the general principles of the militarized personnel of Macau’s security forces and on the general rules for staff of the prison police force.

For the militarized personnel regulations, the Office has already submitted the latest amendment draft to the relevant administration and justice entities for further analysis and review. After the administration and justice entities complete their review, the draft will be submitted to the Executive Council for further discussion.

The security authority focused on setting up a new post between the basic and senior ranks of the security forces, on corresponding promotion courses, and on standardizing the education background required for the performance of duties.

Considering the opinions of the customs authority, the security authority decided to include customs officers into the regulations.

Simultaneously, the security authority has basically completed an amendment draft of the regulations of prison police officers. The draft will undergo further improvements.

The security authority aims to start the legislative procedure for the bill as soon as possible.

The relevant amend
ment aims to further improve the entry and promotion system for prison officers, increasing the promotion mobility for prison officers, and making the position more attractive in the employment market in order to solve the staff shortage problems.

Currently, the Correctional Services Bureau is conducting an examination process for 73 prison officer vacancies (53 for men and 20 for women). JZ

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