Gov’t concludes Art Macao coverage was satisfactory

The Macau Government Tourism Office (MGTO) has concluded that the media coverage of the Art Macao event held earlier this year was satisfactory in both traditional media and social media. Out of 100, the event obtained a satisfaction score of 83 and a public awareness score of 79.
The Office said in a statement that it had commissioned a research institution to carry out an overall assessment of Art Macao. It did not disclose which institution was commissioned.
The MGTO hoped to evaluate the impact of the event itself by studying exposure on various media channels and analyzing the level of awareness of and satisfaction with the event.
The study period was 232 days, from March 31 to November 17, 2019. Web and media data mining methods were used.
Both traditional media and new media channels were studied. The former included print and digital media, while the latter encompassed popular social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Weibo, WeChat and TikTok; and online travel agencies such as Agoda, Expedia and TripAdvisor.
The campaign covered the Greater China region, which includes mainland China, Macau, Taiwan and Hong Kong, as well as locations where the MGTO has a delegation or representative offices.
The event was covered by or featured in about 66,300 articles, the largest proportion of which came from social media (56,500), which made up 85% of the total coverage. Nearly 9,800 traditional media articles covered the event, representing 15% of total coverage.
Out of the 9,800 traditional media articles, about 2,600 were print media and 7,100 were online media. Among the total, 9,000 were from Greater China region and 744 were from other regions.
There were 22.71 million interactions with the event on social media, showing that the event had become a hot topic and focus of attention on social media amongst netizens. The distribution of media coverage suggested that social media played a major role in forming public opinion about the event, the MGTO said.
There were 56,500 posts related to the event on social media. Facebook had 31,100 of the posts, Instagram had 12,400, Weibo received 9,000, WeChat had 1,800, Twitter had 1,500 and YouTube had 710.
By region, there were 46,500 posts from Greater China, 8,200 from outside of Greater China and 1,750 from an undetermined area.
The MGTO said in their statement that the six-month Art Macao event had ushered in a range of brand new urban experiences and charted an innovative direction for cultural and tourism development. The report has been given to the pertinent government bodies for reference. AL

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