Gov’t to hold matching session for professional drivers

Early next year, the government will deliver a report to the Standing Committee for the Coordination of Social Affairs on topics concerning professional drivers, the Secretary for Economy and Finance, Lionel Leong said yesterday.

Upon being questioned by several lawmakers regarding Macau’s lack of professional drivers, Leong admitted that he is “dissatisfied with the results of matching between employers and professional drivers.”

The secretary noted that, in the beginning of December, the Labor Affairs Bureau (DSAL) will organize a matching session for employers and professional drivers. After the matching session, the government will then draft a report combining the government’s own study and the public’s opinions on employment matters related to the city’s professional drivers.

Leong noted that the government has already invited, higher education institutes, twice, to study the market of Macau’s professional drivers, and the government also conducted a survey on professional drivers.

“The common point of the conclusions is that no matter if it’s residents, employers or employees, all agree that Macau indeed lacks professional drivers,” said Leong. “However, there is no consensus regarding how best to solve the problem.”

DSAL director Wong Chi Hong noted that employees primarily hope to work as drivers, but SMEs hope that professional drivers can also be a porter.

Wong also disclosed that the government currently holds approximately 200 job vacancies for professional drivers.

Chui Sai Peng wants the government to create a clear definition of a professional driver, as different definitions of this position exist among employers and employees.

Kou Hoi In called the government to open the employment market of Macau’s professional drivers. “These numbers made it clear that we do not have enough people working as professional drivers,” said Kou.

“We indeed find that the requirements from demanders and suppliers are different,” said Leong.

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