Gov’t proposes three years jail for operators of fraudulent mobile base stations

The local government has proposed a maximum jail term of three years to punish those involved in fraudulent mobile base stations.
Yesterday, the First Standing Committee of the Legislative Assembly (AL) signed an opinion report regarding the city’s cyber security law.
According to chairman of the committee, Ho Ion Sang, the last version of the bill submitted by the SAR government suggested a maximum three-year imprisonment or equivalent cash penalty for setting up fraudulent mobile base stations.
Utilizing fraudulent mobile base stations to make a profit or for other crimes, such as spreading illegal advertisements or issuing pornographic content, are classified as aggregated offences and are to be subject to imprisonment terms between one to five years.
The committee will submit the bill to the AL plenary for a vote soon. Once the bill is passed, it will come into effect on July 1 as suggested in the last version of the bill.
The amendment to the cyber security law aims to synthesize the city’s cyber security laws in order to strengthen the protection of critical infrastructure operators and computer systems used by the Central Government’s organizations in Macau specifically. JZ

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