Gov’t runs subsidized RAT sales at MOP20/5 kits

Amid the government starting to charge people for SARS-CoV-2 rapid antigen test (RAT) kits, it is simultaneously instigating a scheme like its mask sale scheme.

Since the early phase of the Covid-19 pandemic, the government has operated a mask sale scheme to ensure supply to eligible people in Macau. RAT kits have been given to citywide mass SARS-CoV-2 nucleic acid test (NAT) goers.

Yesterday, the Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture announced in a dispatch that from today, each RAT kit provided by the government will be priced at MOP4.

Later yesterday afternoon, the Novel Coronavirus Response and Coordination Centre announced the kick-off of the government-operated RAT kit sale scheme, which will start today and end on Jan. 4.

The Centre did not disclose if the plan will be extended.

Those eligible include Macau ID holders, non-local working pass holders and non-local students at local higher-education institutions.

For the duration of the scheme, an eligible buyer will be entitled to purchase five RAT kits at a time. There will be no further discount, meaning each purchase will be priced at MOP20.

The kits can be bought at 55 commissioned chemist shops across the city and five service points operated under the Macau Women’s Federation. AL

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