Gov’t said working toward an ecological city

The Macau government is making contributions to the surrounding area’s sustainable development through measures such as strengthening ecological education and the implementation of the polluter-pays principle.

At the opening of the Macao International Environmental Cooperation Development Forum and Exhibition (MIECF), Secretary for Administration and Justice Sonia Chan said in her speech that building an ecological city is one of the key points of the local government’s governance plan.

Sonia Chan believes that promoting the construction of an ecological civilization is the only way toward sustainable development, while it will also contribute to a degree of economic diversification.

Chan claimed, “Macau will strive to improve the urban environment of Macau by strengthening ecological education, promoting the use of green energy, building a comprehensive management of mobile pollution sources, encouraging plastic reduction activities, and accelerating environmental protection infrastructure and the establishment of green spaces.”

Through MIECF, Macau’s role as a link between regional cities and the world will be promoted, with the environmental cooperation and exchange between regions and international communities, especially in the Pan-Pearl River Delta Region and the Greater Bay Area, also being promoted, according to Chan.

Some of the local exhibitors, upon being interviewed by the media, said that the main purpose of the exhibition for them is to bring to Macau environmental protection equipment and products suitable for use in Macau.

The exhibitors also believe that the government and local enterprises should be environmentally conscious when building large-scale infrastructure projects and should not wait until an environmental problem occurs.

Wang Zhigang, the mainland’s Minister of Science and Technology, also said in his speech, that as a responsible developing country, China is becoming a participant, contributor and leader in sustainable development, and is developing eco-environmental technologies and efficient recycling of resources in accordance with its national science and technology innovation plan.

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