Group appeals to CE candidate Ho Iat Seng

A group of about 10 representatives of the Seac Pai Van community have delivered a letter to the next Chief Executive, Ho Iat Seng, drawing his attention to the Seac Pai Van community.

The group visited Ho’s election campaign office yesterday, urging the SAR government to cancel the environmental evaluation of the two potential locations for a temporary hazardous materials storage unit.

They want the local government to withdraw the proposal for these locations, and instead turn them into facilities for entertainment and exercise purposes.

In addition, the group proposed to Ho that the government build a permanent hazardous items’ storage facility at E1 on the New Urban Zone.

This group is the first to visit the next Chief Executive of Macau to make a public appeal. Iau Teng Pio, agent of Ho Iat Seng’s election campaign, received the group and accepted the letter. Iau said that he would transfer the letter to the relevant government department. JZ

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