Guangdong cities to pilot skilled migration system

Guangdong has proposed a more preferential permanent residence policy for talent and will pilot a skilled migration system in nine cities in the Pearl River Delta, local authorities said.

Li Shiwei, director of the Exit-Entry Administration Bureau of the Guangdong Provincial Public Security Department, said at a press conference that Guangdong would implement the pilot skilled migration system in nine cities of the Pearl River Delta and shorten the approval period for foreign talent to apply for permanent residence.

The Guangdong Provincial Public Security Department and other departments are stepping up research on the skilled migration system to quickly formulate an implementation plan for the skilled migration system.

As for the entry and exit of foreign talent, there are two channels for foreign talent to apply for talent visas: one is the regular channel to apply to visa agencies stationed overseas, and the other is to apply for visas directly at visa agencies in Guangdong.

At the same time, foreigners who come to work in Guangdong for a short-term within 90 days can apply for visiting visas. After entering China, they are exempted from applying for work permits and residence permits, according to Li.

For high-level foreign talents who have obtained work and residence permits to come to China, their foreign team members and scientific research assistants can apply for work and residence permits for corresponding periods, Li said. DB/Xinhua

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