Guangzhou Covid-19 center orders lockdown in five streets in Liwan district

Guangzhou health authorities have ordered a mandatory lockdown for all residents in five streets located in the Liwan district, the local Command Center for Covid-19 Control and Prevention notified on Saturday (May 29).
According to the notification, the lockdown will be effective at the Hailong, Baihedong, Zhongnan, Dongnao, and Chongkou streets of the Liwan district.
All residents from these areas must “mainly stay at home, and all non-essential activities must be halted,” the notification states, adding, that “only one person [per household] is allowed to exit the house to purchase daily necessities once per day.”
All entertainment venues, indoor leisure, and sports facilities, wholesale markets, and student and child care institutions shall be closed, with the only exception for farm produce markets.
Offline teaching at kindergartens and training institutions is also suspended, and dining-in is banned at all restaurants.
The only exception regarding the suspension of offline teaching is granted to students in the final years of both junior and senior high school, and only in cases where the schools operate with accommodation and fully enclosed management conditions.
For those that cannot provide on-campus accommodation, students will take online classes from home.
The majority of these measures also extend to other areas of Liwan district, with the only difference being a modified lockdown at home. Instead, the authorities note that residents should refrain from going outdoors for any unnecessary activities and avoid all types of gatherings.
In other parts of the city, the situation is also being monitored: “gatherings being reduced, large-scale events shall be strictly monitored, festival celebration events shall be strictly managed and simplified, and conferences shall be mainly conducted online.”
Entertainment venues and other indoor public facilities are also conducting an entry ceiling of 75% of maximum capacity.
All transportation stations will be enforcing passenger flow management plans to avoid gatherings, and public transportation such as buses, taxis, and online car-hailing will need to circulate with windows open to ensure good ventilation.

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