Health authority warns of dengue fever possibility

The Health Bureau (SSM) has issued a reminder regarding measures that should be taken to prevent the spread of dengue fever and other contagious diseases spread by mosquitos.

The humid weather of late makes for ideal breeding conditions for mosquitos according to the SSM, including Tiger Mosquitoes, which can spread dengue fever. Accordingly, measures should be taken to prevent the spread of such diseases.

Members of the public are reminded to stay away from standing or collected water, as it makes a good breeding environment for mosquitoes.

In addition, the installation of door and window screens should be considered, as they help to deter mosquitoes from flying in from outdoor areas.

Educational videos on the prevention of dengue fever will be played on social media and immigration checkpoints. Promotional materials will be distributed at the latter.

Next month, the SSM will hold several activities with a dengue fever prevention work group to enhance the public’s protective measures. It will also add the knowledge to the curriculum of the Labor Affairs Bureau’s “Fisherman’s Training Program”.

Medical professionals are also reminded to report any suspicious cases of dengue fever.

According to the latest information, there have been three recent cases of dengue fever infection in Macau. They were all imported cases with origins in Southeast Asia.

The SSM advises that if symptoms of fever or rash occur, consult a medical professional immediately and disclose any travel history. Staff reporter

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