Health | Central hospital denies delaying tumor treatment

The Conde de Sao Januario Hospital Center (CHCSJ) has issued a statement in reply to information circulating on social networks claiming that the public hospital had delayed treatment for a patient with a malignant tumor, without authorizing the patient to seek treatment outside the region.
In the statement, the CHCSJ said, “Following the information disclosed on social networks regarding a patient named Chao, who suffers from a malignant tumor in the lower jaw… [the patient] requested support from the Board for Overseas Medical Services [and] immunotherapy treatments.”
The public hospital refutes the criticisms, saying, “On October 26, the CHCSJ performed a cell biopsy and on November 4 the report revealed recurrence of the tumor.” They further noted that four days later, on November 24 the patient requested a more accurate CT scan, whereupon “she received a report that clearly clarified the area of ​​the tumor.”
The hospital was said to have organized surgery in the following four weeks, a procedure that the hospital states is in accordance with their rules, as “preparation for the surgery can take up to four weeks and is mandatory. This includes preoperative assessment, preparation of materials for jaw reconstruction, as well as evaluation prior to anesthesia,” among other procedures.

The hospital also acknowledges that they were aware “she underwent surgery at the Kiang Wu Hospital, but even after that surgery the swelling [of her jaw] was not controlled” during the period when the patient was waiting for surgery at CHCSJ.

The public hospital further noted that the regime for sending patients abroad for treatment “is a complementary mechanism.” The scheme is “intended for patients whose conditions correspond with the standards of medical treatment abroad and who are authorized by the Board for Medical Services Abroad, in cases where there is a shortage of medical specialists and human resources, as well as the provision of necessary medical services not available in Macau,” which they claim was not the case here.

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