Health | Minor flu outbreak at Taipa school

Six Primary 2 students studying at the Affiliated School of the University of Macau have been infected with influenza and are now under treatment, but have not required hospitalization.

The students, three boys and three girls, are all from the school’s Primary 2A class. They are aged between six and seven years old.

They started showing symptoms of flu, particularly upper respiratory infections, on Monday, including rising body heat and a sore throat. They then sought medical help at various medical institutions.

The Health Bureau has collected samples of some respiratory secretions for examination. It has also instructed the school to conduct cleaning and sanitation procedures in a more cautious and frequent manner. The school management has also been instructed to ensure indoor airflow and ventilation to lower the risks of infection.

The bureau has also issued reminders to the general public in terms of flu (and other respiratory syndrome) prevention measures.

Members of the public are reminded to get seasonal flu shot every year, which is one of the many reliable ways to activate the immune system against the virus.

Furthermore, a lifestyle with sufficient sleep and exercise, as well as a balanced diet should also be adopted.

The public are instructed to cover when sneezing and wrap any secretion with napkins before disposing of it properly.

When ill, the public should wear face masks to avoid contaminating others, avoid crowded places, and stay at home for rest if possible. AL

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