Health | SSM reports minor outbreak of rubella in April

The Health Bureau (SSM) is monitoring a minor outbreak of rubella in the territory after some 14 cases were detected since the start of April. Just one case of the virus was registered in the first three months of the year.

The SSM warned that the number of cases may increase in the coming days, however it assured at a press conference held last night that the Macau SAR has sufficient stock of vaccinations to remain on top of the situation.

The vaccine against rubella is the same as that for measles and mumps, commonly known as the MMR vaccine.

The SSM reminded the public that it recently increased its order of the MMR vaccine to 15,000 doses.

Meanwhile, the total number of measles cases has reached 33 this year, the SSM confirmed in the wake of a new case involving a local resident on Tuesday night.

According to an investigation, a 32-year old local resident, employed at StarWorld Hotel, was diagnosed with measles after exhibiting symptoms of fever and a rash on his body.

The patient then sought medical treatment at the Emergency Department of Kiang Wu Hospital.

On April 9, after performing IgM antibody tests, the blood samples tested positive for the measles virus.

According to the bureau, the patient still has a fever, but her clinical condition is considered normal. The patient was born in mainland China and her history of measles vaccination is unknown.

The SSM said that it has been monitoring the health status of people who have had contact with this patient during the initial phase of the disease.

Fifteen of the measles cases involved people who exited the SAR before being diagnosed with measles, while 18 were infected through contact with other patients with the disease. Eight of them were health professionals from Kiang Wu Hospital while two are professionals at the Conde de São Januário Hospital Center.

Recently, in a bid to discover the source of the outbreak, the SSM conducted a survey involving 100 Filipino migrants to find the rate of immunity to the measles disease.

As the outbreak has been worsening, residents were quick to ask for vaccination to protect themselves from the measles virus.

Of the 33 cases, 29 have been discharged. 

In general, the incubation period lasts from seven to 18 days, although a longer period of 21 days can occur.  LV

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