Health | Three more serious cases of flu infection reported, one death

Three serious cases of influenza accompanied by pneumonia and other complications were reported on Wednesday at both Conde de São Januário Hospital Center (CHCSJ) and Kiang Wu Hospital, the Health Bureau (SSM) has said in a statement.

One of the severe cases led to the death of the patient soon after hospitalization, with the cause of death still to be ascertained. The deceased was a 69-year-old man living in Macau with a medical history of several chronic diseases.

The patient showed symptoms such as cough and expectoration from January 21 and on the early morning of January 23, stopped responding to the calls of his family, prompting the emergency services to be called. He was transferred to the Emergency Services of Hospital Kiang Wu, but upon arrival at the Hospital, the patient was no longer breathing and had no pulse. He was subjected to cardiorespiratory resuscitation maneuvers which resulted positively in a resuscitation.
The fast test for the influenza virus was then done, testing positive for Influenza A. The patient was then transferred to the emergency room of the CHCSJ.

A chest x-ray showed pneumonia in both lungs with the patient presenting a status of heart and respiratory failure, which was treated with assisted ventilation, but he eventually passed away around noon that day.

The bureau also noted that, at the moment, there are 14 people hospitalized due to the disease, noting that the most critical case is of a pregnant woman who was diagnosed with the flu on January 21 and needs artificial respiratory help in order to facilitate her recovery. The patient’s clinical condition has improved, but it is still critical. All other cases are in a stable clinical condition.

The SSM also noted that on January 23, another case of influenza was found but, this time, of a collective infection by influenza in a local school. However, for the time being, none of these patients are in a concerning situation.

The case occurred in two kindergarten classes of Tong Sin Tong Kindergarten, located in the NAPE area, where 10 students aged between 3 and 6 years old were reportedly infected.

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