Hengqin new port ready to open on December 22

The new border gate between Macau and Zhuhai on Hengqin Island, will be ready for opening on December 22, according to a report by Macao Daily News.

Earlier this week, the Zhuhai customs authority met with the Hengqin customs authority for a meeting related to the new border gate.

The new border gate will replace the current Hengqin port and Macau’s Lotus Frontier, which are linked by a bridge. Passengers now crossing the distance that separates Macau Lotus Frontier and Hengqin port must be transported by an approved vehicle or bus between the two immigration checkpoints.

The new port means that both immigration checkpoints will be located on Hengqin.

According to the Zhuhai customs authority, on December 1, the immigration building will meet the conditions to open on Macau’s handover day. 

Despite having already indicated that the facility may open on December 22, the Zhuhai customs authority also said that the entire project will only be completed in 2021.

Currently, a 24-hour construction period is being enforced to ensure the completion of the port. Approximately 6,000 workers are contributing to the construction.

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