Hengqin reserves 200,000 square meters of land for Macau

This May 23, 2018 photo shows Hengqin New Area under construction

On Friday, the University of Macau (UM) signed a cooperation agreement with the Hengqin district government to jointly build a research center on the island.

According to the director of the Hengqin district management committee, Yang Chuan, Hengqin will be providing a complimentary 10,000 square meters to UM to develop the area for technology and innovation.

In addition, Hengqin will also be granting UM a RMB100 million angel investment for a major research and development center to help the university accelerate its integration into the Greater Bay Area, so as to improve UM’s innovative research layout, promote the university, and transfer and transform services and knowledge.

The research center will be built in three phases. The first phase is expected to be completed in July 2019.

On the sidelines of Friday’s signing ceremony, Yang claimed that Hengqin has already reserved land resources for Macau’s new industry.

The Hengqin leader also remarked that the district will proactively and comprehensively work with Macau’s other scientific resources.

In total, Hengqin has reserved 50,000 square meters of land specifically for Macau to develop high-technology and medical services. 

These lands, including the complimentary 10,000 square meters, are fully equipped with facilities, said  Yang.

Aside from these 50,000 square meters, the Zhuhai government plans to reserve for Macau an even larger piece of land covering 157,000 square meters at a land reclamation site south of Hengqin. This area, which is currently under planning, will support Macau’s next round of new industry development.

Yang also expressed hope that Hengqin could work with the Macau SAR government to implement reclamation projects and import more projects, as well as jointly share production results stemming from the industrial development. JZ

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