Hiring requests for mainland domestic workers tripled


The number of requests to hire domestic helpers from mainland China increased to 481 during the fourth quarter of last year, suggesting that a significant number of local residents have opted for employees from the neighboring region as a result of the difficulty in hiring from other countries due to border closure. According to TDM Radio, the figures during the last quarter of the year have tripled from the same period a year earlier, when there were only 160 similar requests made.

Armory found in deserted motorbike

The Judiciary Police announced yesterday that a tip was received from the Public Security Police Force about the discovery of one gun, two magazines and 52 bullets in the helmet container of a to-be-disposed-of motorbike in a Transport Bureau facility. The bike was abandoned on the street before it was relocated to the facility. Besides testing the various weapons, the police will also investigate the possible existence of related cases. Police refrained from revealing anything further as the investigation is still in progress.

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