HK concludes investigation into 2010 helicopter accident

The Civil Aviation Department of Hong Kong (HKCAD) has published the final investigation report on an accident involving a Macau-registered helicopter, which took place in the Hong Kong harbor in July 2010. The accident forced the pilot to make an emergency ditching in the sea.
The HKCAD was in charge of the investigation. As it involved a Macau-registered aircraft, the Civil Aviation Authority of Macau (AACM) also appointed investigators to take part in the proceedings.
The report shows that the accident was caused by the failure of one of the tail rotor blades. It also pointed out that, in view of the two safety recommendations made in the interim report, a series of safety measures have already been implemented during the course of the investigation.
AACM said that the pilot was prompt in taking the appropriate action in the shortest possible time, to perform a controlled ditching in the sea. This allowed enough time for all passengers to be evacuated and saved, which reduced injuries to a minimum.

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