Ho Iat Seng holds marathon visits

Chief Executive election candidate Ho Iat Seng has paid visit to and received about two dozen organizations across the city in the past week, according to his election campaign team.

When obtaining his nomination form a week ago, Ho told the media that he would reach out to all members of the 400-person Election Committee. Apart from that, he would also meet local organizations to obtain their comments and suggestions. He said he would make use of the information to compile his manifesto.

Since then, Ho has been in marathon visits to electors and such organizations.

Last Monday, he visited the Macau Chamber of Commerce and the Macao Federation of Trade Unions.

In his visit to the Chamber of Commerce, Ho had a meeting with the electors and the management from the chamber.

Suggestions raised during the Chamber of Commerce meeting included cross-departmental policy implementation, legal datedness, labor shortages and a poor environment for small-and-medium- sized enterprises.

Members of the Chamber of Commerce expect the incoming government to improve the facilitation of labor importation and the development of the financial industry. Additionally, they desire Macau be further integrated into the Greater Bay Area, with a more diverse economy.

Ho has paid a visit to the labor electors. The participants were concerned with an exit mechanism for foreign labor, rights and retirement for workers, training and certification, and vertical mobility. Questions regarding workplace safety and health – particularly workplace smoking and violations of anti-smoking regulations – were also raised.

Ho has also had meetings with civil servant associations, the Macau Law Society, the Holy House of Mercy, the construction industry and the Macau Diocese.

Ho is seen as the favorite to succeed incumbent Chief Executive Chui Sai On. Staff reporter

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