Ho Iat Seng offers lessons on national security law from Macau

Macau Chief Executive Ho Iat Seng (right) and Hong Kong’s Security Chief, John Lee

The Chief Executive Ho Iat Seng met with the Secretary for Security of the neighboring region of Hong Kong last week to exchange views on several matters, the Government Information Bureau revealed in a statement.
Among those, special importance was paid to the topic of the national security regime and its enforcement mechanism, the same statement notes.
Ho presented Macau’s legal regime on national security, stating that since the National Security Law entered into force, the government has had no requirement to use it. Ho stressed at the same time that its implementation had a positive effect in promoting national security and general order in Macau.
The Chief Executive also emphasized the effectiveness of the law the government created back in 2018, in a commission for national security he currently chairs.
Ho also remarked that although the laws of Macau and Hong Kong are different, the two territories still have many aspects in common, a fact that facilitates more exchange of opinions and views on the legal regime for the defense of national security and its enforcement mechanism, reinforcing communication and liaison between the two regions.
In his turn, Hong Kong’s security chief John Lee stated that the neighboring SAR is currently preparing to act on the topic, noting the example of Macau, where the law has been already enforced for 10 years with positive effects on stability and prosperity, saying that Macau is “a success story” to be used as a reference.
During the talk, at which the local Secretary for Security, Wong Sio Chak, and other police officials were present, the authorities of both regions also discussed ideas regarding pandemic prevention.
Ho took this opportunity to thank the neighboring authorities for their help in facilitating the return of residents from abroad to Macau through the creation of the road link to Hong Kong international airport in March, and the recently resumed ferry service that allows not only the return of residents but also the departure of people stranded in Macau who wish to return to their countries.

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