Ho Iat Seng rejects AL vote on Tiananmen Square

The president of the Legislative Assembly (AL), Ho Iat Seng, has rejected a proposal jointly presented by lawmakers Ng Kuok Cheong, Au Kam San and Sulu Sou that aimed to shed light over and acknowledge the events that occurred 30 years ago on June 4 at Tiananmen Square.

News of the rejection from the AL president came from a publication on social media, which showed that Ho noted that such issuing of votes “steers away from the competence of the Assembly.”

According to Ng, the proposal aimed to raise the topic with the plenary of creating an “independent investigation committee” that would finally provide a proper response to the families of victims and provide compensation to them by holding those responsible to account.

At the beginning of the last month, and in a different publication on the same social network, Ng took the opportunity of the “Mother’s Day” celebration to recall June 4, 1989, when a large number of mothers “lost their children and their husbands.”
The movement inspired from that post, known as “The Mothers of Tiananmen,” has been calling on the central government to conduct a thorough investigation and to acknowledge “June 4” as a public incident, urging the Chinese government to present a public apology to the families of the victims, who in the past 30 years have been obstructed from publicly mourning the victims.

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