Ho Iat Seng sends regards to workers on Labor Day

Chief Executive Ho Iat Seng has sent his regards to workers and their families during International Workers’ Day by thanking them for maintaining the city’s stability during the pandemic period.
International Workers’ Day is celebrated on May 1. In Macau, it is usually an important public holiday for local workers to hold demonstrations calling for better working conditions and compensation. This year, the social distancing measures adopted by the government meant the traditional protests did not proceed as normal.
According to a statement from the government, on the occasion of this Labor Day, the Chief Executive pledged that the government will continue to protect the legal rights of all workers.
The government head used the occasion to revisit the “changes and challenges” that the entire city has faced in the past four months. Ho addressed the fact that many have been required to work from home and “learn with their children from home.”
Ho also referred to his first policy address, published on April 20, in which the main priorities were to fight the pandemic, maintain social stability and revive the economy. He stressed again that this means the lowering of taxes, as well as the seeking of investment from external sources.
The Chief Executive reminded the public to keep abreast of the latest technological advances and to always be learning. He said that this was a necessary part of working toward the economic diversification of the city. AL

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