Ho Iat Seng visits Kiang Wu Hospital

Chief Executive candidate Ho Iat Seng yesterday visited Rua de Cinco de Outubro and the Kiang Wu Hospital for an “understanding public sentiment” campaign prior to his expected taking office in December.

During his visits, Ho made several general comments on issues that have been widely discussed by the local community.

After visiting Rua do Cinco de Outubro, Ho expressed that in the long term, flooding, electricity and aging of buildings need to be solved through a comprehensive urban renewal plan.

Ho noted that the current government has taken temporary measures to address the issues, but Ho claimed that he would not make any promises regarding these matters at current stage.

As the only CE election candidate, he hopes that all parties can form a good plan for the old urban zone under the condition that the population in the zone does not increase.

During Ho’s trip, he visited bakeries, pharmacies, and other shops in Rua do Cinco Outubro, where he asked questions about the flooding situation.

In the afternoon, Ho attended the Kiang Wu hospital and met with 400 people from the social service sector. JZ

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