Ho Ion Sang proposes waiting list for civil servants

Lawmaker Ho Ion Sang has submitted his interpellation to the government asking about the recruitment of civil servants.

In his interpellation, Ho cited a report of the Commission of Audit (CA) published earlier this month.

The CA accused the Public Administration and Civil Service Bureau (SAFP)’s central recruitment of being ineffective, time-consuming, high-cost, and characterized by an inadequate matching of people and positions.

The CA report specifically accused the SAFP of poorly enforcing the 2011 recruitment system and the 2016 recruitment system, which aimed to solve the problems created in 2011. The audit report concluded that “the efficiency of the recruitment and coordination of the SAFP is unreasonably low.”

“Currently, it takes a resident one to two years to apply for [a job vacancy] and to eventually start work for the position. The procedure for civil servants’ recruitment and selection takes a long time and incurs large costs,” noted Ho.

“In the future, what kind of exact institutional measures will the authority propose to improve the effectiveness of all procedures and reduce the waste of resources, as well as to reduce the negative influence in public and governmental departments?” Ho asked.

“Will the government consider establishing a database for talented people, and list names of people who are qualified but were unable to join the public service at the time [of the civil servants exam] on a waiting list for urgent needs of human resources of various departments, in order to make the recruitment system more effective?”

Ho’s third question asked for the government’s opinion on proposals for the establishment of legal responsibilities for being absent from the exams, and in regard to application fees. He wanted to know precise measures to avoid low exam attendance, thus reducing the waste of resources.

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