Hong Kong teens detained for drug trafficking

Two Hong Kong residents aged 17 and 18 years old have been detained by Macau’s Public Security Police Force in an operation seizing drugs worth about HKD54,000 and over HKD20,000 in cash, a PSP spokesperson said yesterday.

According to the information provided, the two teenagers from Hong Kong arrived in Macau at the beginning of this month and had started selling drugs in bars and nightclubs in the NAPE area.

When the police caught them on July 6, they had in their possession a total of 9.54 grams of cocaine, 30.98 grams of ketamine and 45.95 grams of a drug known as “Happy Water” (gamma-Hydroxybutyric acid or GHB), a powder that can be snorted or injected.
In liquid form, GHB looks like water and is mostly tasteless or slightly salty, so it can easily be slipped into a drink undetected. When combined with alcohol, GHB works as a powerful sedative that may prevent someone from stopping a sexual assault. It was recently reported as one of the highest risk drugs for clubgoers in mainland China.

According to the testimony of the detainees to the police, between July 1 and July 6, they were able to sell around 150 individual packages of cocaine in Macau, from which they claimed to have earned the approximately HKD20,000 found in their possession.

They were both presented to the Public Prosecutions Office yesterday, accused of drug trafficking. One of the suspects, who tested positive for drugs, was also accused of drug consumption.

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