Hong Konger denied entry to Macau

A former member of the Executive Committee of the Student Union of Hong Kong Polytechnic University (HKPUSU) was denied entry to Macau on Sunday. The Student Union said in a statement that the entry denial was likely because Macau immigration authorities suspect the traveler’s desire to be involved in commemorations of the June Fourth anniversary in the city.

According to a HKPUSU Facebook post, the individual has no arrest record and had previously traveled unimpeded to Macau in May. The same post indicates that the June Fourth anniversary may be the reason behind the rejection.

“Around the time of June Fourth, when Macau refused the entry of the former member, it is inevitable that people will suspect the reasons. The committee expresses great concern about this matter. Hong Kong peoples’ freedom of movement cannot be trampled. We condemn the Macau authorities for restricting the personal freedom of the former member on the groundless charge,” the post reads.

“The association also expresses its deep dismay at the fact that Macau has collected information on the members of the committee. The association urges Macau to explain this to avoid the spread of ‘white terror’ in Hong Kong,” the union writes.

According to the post, the concerned party was rejected entry by the Macau immigration authority on grounds of internal security.

A report by Stand News, citing Liu Kin Kwan, chairperson of the current HKPUSU Union Council, said that the articles given by the Macau immigration authority clearly stated that the Macau police authority has the right to reject entry to “unwelcome” non-local residents, those who “pose threats to Macau’s internal security stability,” or those who are “suspected of being involved in international terrorism.” JZ

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