HONORABLE MENTION | ALEXIS TAM | A rising figure on the region’s political scene

alexistamThe newly appointed Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture continues his ascending path on Macau’s political scene. The former head of the Office of the Chief Executive, Alexis Tam, was regarded as the CE Chui Sai On’s right-hand man. As the government spokesman he became the face of the government, standing for decisions that were not always consensual.
In March, after visiting the camping site and giving assurances to the owners he ended the embarrassing sleep-in protest by the Sin Fong Garden residents which had lasted for around 30 hours.
In July, with the government trying to curb the so-called “Civil Referendum 2014 on Chief Executive Election” organized by pro-democracy groups, Alexis Tam came into the spotlight. He reacted by saying that the initiative was “illegal” and “invalid,” a thesis that would take hold as several government statements followed. “The MSAR government is strongly against the fact that some small groups are intending to challenge the legal basis of Macau,” read the first of them. According to the document, the initiative lacked a “constitutional legal basis.”
Demonstrating the good relations he has with the Portuguese community established in Macau and authorities in Lisbon, Alexis Tam was granted an Order of Merit during the last Portuguese National Day (June 10) by the Portuguese President, Cavaco Silva, who had visited Macau weeks earlier.
Since being appointed Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture, he has promised that the health sector will have its “brightest era” over the next five years. The secretary has also stated that he will be urging his cabinet to reply to lawmakers questions promptly.
Earlier in the year, Alexis Tam was involved in controversy surrounding the impending replacement of Leong Kam Chun as the president of TDM’s Executive Committee. Alexis Tam said that “it isn’t true” that the government hadn’t previously talk with Leong Kam Chun about intentions to renew his contract. The government spokesperson was commenting on Leong Kam Chun statements made Tuesday, Feb 11, in which TDM’s Executive Committee said that Leong was available to retain the position at TDM should he be reappointed.

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