Hotel Estoril | ‘Not a case of breaking and entry,’ says Scott Chiang

Activists Scott Chiang and Alin Lam were tried yesterday for breaking and entering into Hotel Estoril in 2016, where they put up a banner against the demolition project, Radio Macau reported yesterday

The defendants claim that the building was abandoned and, like in many other similar cases, should have no criminal consequences.

The trial lasted about an hour and it was not translated into Portuguese. Judge Leong Fong Meng, understood that the translation was unnecessary since all the parties in the proceedings spoke Chinese.

At the end of the session, speaking to TDM, Scott Chiang denied having caused any damage or forced his entry into Hotel Estoril.

“The hole in the fence has been there forever,” he said. “We all know there are people in and out of the building, for a long time. We did not know we had to ask to enter there. We did not come in to vandalize, destroy, or invade someone’s privacy. If we knew that it was necessary, we would have asked for authorization,” he said.

The Court of Second Instance scheduled the reading of the sentence for October 4.

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