Hotel occupancy at 90% during GP period


Hotels in Macau recorded an occupancy rate of 90% during the first two days of the Macau Grand Prix (GP) period, at an average price slightly lower compared to the same period last year.
Cheong Kin Chong, vice president of the Board of Directors of the Macau Hoteliers and Innkeepers Association, expected the occupancy rate for the last two days of the GP period to be as high.
He explained that the races were attractive to tourists from the neighboring regions, specifically car and racing enthusiasts and car dealers.
In addition to that, the Macau Food Festival, strategically coinciding with the Macau Grand Prix, was another catalyzing agent for the tourist boost.
The average price for hotel accommodation fell slightly from same period last year. Cheong explained it was caused by the increase in supply. The price fall amounted to about 5%.
A night’s stay at a 4- to 5-star hotel during the Grand Prix qualifier days cost around MOP2,000. For 2- to 3-star accommodations, the average charge was about MOP1,000 per night.
Information from the Grand Prix organizing body showed that 95% of tickets were sold before the commencement of the official races.
Nonetheless, the tourism industry hoped that facilities at the Hong Kong -Zhuhai-Macau Bridge could be further improved to attract more tourists.
For example, direct shuttle services should be opened, connecting the airside of the Hong Kong International Airport and the Macau checkpoint of the bridge to facilitate a more convenient transfer for international tourists.
Meanwhile, a Hong Kong-based car racing themed travel agency has plans to open its first shop in Macau next year.
The owner introduced that in many races around the world, there are travel agencies that operate dedicated trips for race spectators.
He is confident in the Macau market because the company understands the culture of the region.
In the future, besides race trips, the agency will make souvenirs appealing to race spectators.

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