Human trafficking threat may grow

The Director of the city’s Policy Research and Regional Development Bureau, Mi Jian, has indicated that Macau will have no future if it does not face the reality that the Greater Bay Area initiative will have a significant impact on human trafficking to Macau. At the State Council Information Office press conference last week, Mi was asked about the human trafficking concerns that may arise in Macau and Hong Kong. “[The SARs] must be mentally prepared,” said Mi. “It does not mean we [the SARs] have no measures [to counter the problem]. It tests a government department’s intelligence. Cooperation among the three regions is also necessary.”

Buses aim to transport 3,000 workers to Hengqin

Shuttle buses between Hengqin’s Chinese Medicine Industrial Zone and Macau were launched on Friday, aiming to provide convenient transportation to Macau residents who work in the Hengqin zone. The buses operate between the Hengqin Chinese Medicine Industrial Zone and the Macau Lisboa Hotel, and stop at Hengqin Polytec plaza, Hengqin Headquarter, Hengqin border gate, Macau Cotai port and Macau Altira.  On a daily basis, there are 24 services between the two regions. According to Hengqin authorities, there are approximately 3,000 Macau residents working in the industrial zone.

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