IAM submits to CCAC report

The Municipal Affairs Bureau (IAM) is “highly concerned with the Commission Against Corruption’s (CCAC) annual report and have made corresponding improvements,” IAM stressed in a statement following the issuance of the report last week.
In the report, the CCAC deemed the IAM as having doled out inappropriate punishments in two separate cases. One of them concerned air conditioning drips and, in the other, an IAM employee violating their responsibility.
In the first case, the IAM fined the complainant even when they had fixed the dripping from their air conditioner.
In the other case, a then-employee of the bureau left the office during work without superintendent approval for 10 days in March 2019. The IAM commenced an investigation into the individual and decided to apply work suspension as punishment.
However, when the decision was made, the individual had retired from work. The IAM fined the individual instead. The CCAC pointed out that fine and work suspension are from two tiers of punishment – a fine is from a lower tier.
After the CCAC’s follow-up, the IAM has refunded the punishment on the complainant in the first case. In the second case, the IAM accepted the conclusion of the CCAC and have made alterations to its supervisory mechanism. AL

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