IAM to collect feedback to improve playground safety

The Municipal Affairs Bureau (IAM) pledges consult users’ feedback to further improve the safety standards of playground equipment at Chunambeiro Park and Flora Park.
Earlier, Lawmaker Leong Sun Iok submitted a written enquiry, asking how the authorities aim to ensure the new playground facilities will meet the needs of users and guarantee their safety.
In a written reply in response to Leong’s question, the IAM promised to invite children and their parents to trial the equipment at the Chunambeiro Park and the city’s first biking pump track at the Flora Park.
The authorities will customize and enhance the safety and maintenance measures after collecting and analyzing users’ feedback.
In addition, the IAM stated that the authorities have stepped up sanitization efforts to ensure Macau’s public leisure facilities are to the appropriate standards of hygiene.
Currently, toilets at the public park are sanitized at least once every hour, whilst leisure facilities are cleaned at least once daily. The IAM will increase the frequency of disinfection if visitor numbers surge in any given period.
The bureau also reaffirmed its commitment to strengthening the supervision of outsourced playground cleaning services. The authorities will continue to conduct random inspections and evaluations, ask subcontractors to submit a work summary report every month, and urge them to modify procedures in response to complaints being filed by citizens.
According to Leong, local residents have expressed concern over the insanitary conditions around the Leisure Area in Praça de Ponte e Horta. There are claims that the area has been covered in dust, smeared with yellowed stains and has a peculiar smell.

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