IAM urges public to watch food hygiene


The Municipal Affairs Bureau (IAM) has urged the public to pay attention to food hygiene, particularly concerning food delivery services. According to a statement released by the IAM, although the public has reduced dining outside, the number of orders on food delivery services has increased. The IAM has warned food suppliers, such as supermarkets and shops, to regularly sterilize their operating spaces, and to maintain good ventilation. Food delivery trolleys should be sterilized and cleaned regularly. Regarding food delivery services, the IAM is reminding the relevant operators to comply with Macau’s food safety laws and to keep records of every single service, including food producers and food suppliers, delivery times and locations, among other details.

DSAT to implement traffic control for road works

The Transport Bureau (DSAT) will implement traffic control measures on several streets for engineering projects involving main roads. From February 11 until March 1, traffic closures and parking bans will be enforced on a specific section of Rua Central and Rua do Padre Luis Frois S.J. According to a statement released by the DSAT, the bureau and the water company had discussed preponing the water pipe paving project while there was less traffic to lessen the impact on the public. Traffic controls will also be in place at Estrada do Arco and Avenida do Alm. Lacerda for the same purpose.

Scholar Hsueh Shou Sheng, founder of UM predecessor, dies

The University of Macau (UM) has announced that Professor Hsueh Shou Sheng, the founding rector of UM’s predecessor institution, has died. In a statement issued to media, UM described Hsueh as a distinguished scholar and educator with remarkable achievements. He played a key role in the founding of UM’s predecessor, the University of East Asia (UEA), after he came to Macau in 1980. Hsueh served as the UEA’s rector from 1981 to 1986, and from 1987 to 1991. During his term, Hsueh’s efforts resulted in the establishment of many academic and research units, laying the cornerstone for UM’s development. Before Macau’s handover to China, Prof Hsueh served as a vice chairman of the Macau Basic Law Drafting Committee and made important contributions to the founding of the Macau Special Administrative Region. “Prof Hsueh dedicated his whole life to the advancement of higher education,” read the UM statement. “He will be forever missed by all members of UM.”

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