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Immerse in the Chinese Traditional Art at MGM Lion Dance Championship

Be aware of the sounds of drums, cymbals, and gongs that fill the air! Be alert with the dancers wobbling the lion’s head and tail, eyelashes bat and blink, its enormous mouth opening and closing, climbing meters high poles this November! 

Let’s witness the tremendously competitive art of the Lingnan culture and be in awe of the Lion Dance prestige performance! MGM is once again thrilled to present The 9th “MGM Lion Dance Championship – Southern Lion Dance Invitational 2022” to showcase Chinese traditional art. The two-day event will be held on Nov 26 and 27, at MGM Theater of MGM COTAI. This year, the Championship features all the best troupes from 8 regions of China, giving their all during the competition with their finest costumes and performing acrobatic stunts, endurance, and creativity.

With troops of colorful lion dancers, drums and cymbals, there will be a Lion Dance Parade to usher in the Championship. A Chinese traditional theme will be woven through the parade route from the Spectacle to the Harmony, all the way to the Lion Lobby to MGM Theater, to deliver a strong sensation of Chinese traditions to all visitors as they step foot in MGM.

Experience the essence of the Lion Dance prestige performance filled with acrobatic performances and rhythmic drumming beats! The Championship is entirely free to enjoy. Come over to MGM Theater at MGM COTAI this November and meet the stunning troupes for the lion’s roar! For more details, please visit


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